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Major Digital Upgrade

In 2022 we’re committed to Digital Transformation   Due to the biggest tech upgrade in our history, from the 1st to the 14th of February, Auto Ribeiro Group (Auto Ribeiro, AR Service and AR France) will be closed to the public for the implementation of a new Integrated Management System (SAP). We apologize for any … Continued


ISO 9001 – CERTIFICATION – QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (QMS) ISO 9001 is one of the most widely used management system standard in the world, and is an benchmark for the Certification of Quality Management.   20 years (2001 – 2021) AR has adopted and develops a certified QMS that ensures organizational consistency, demonstrates high levels … Continued

Dakar 2021

Recently eight new Ambulances transformed by Auto Ribeiro left Portugal in direction of the Port Autonome de Dakar (PAD). These vehicles, Toyota All-terrain, left the Port of Leixões (APDL) in Oporto, taking about five days to reach the capital of Senegal. These eight A1 ambulances will help the African country, that has invested in this … Continued

Hellenic Parliament donates ambulance

A Type B ambulance, transformed by Auto Ribeiro, was offered last week by Hellenic Parliament to the Pylos Health Center, in memory of the former doctor of the Greek Parliament, Giannis Mitropoulos, who recently died of Covid-19 and was native of that part of Greece. The decision to donate was made unanimously by the Conference … Continued

Auto Ribeiro awarded VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz

Auto ribeiro, through this partnership is the first Portuguese vehicle transformer to be elected “Mercedes-Benz VanPartner”   This official partnership is attributed only to transformers that successfully pass through the rigorous evaluation for transformation solutions made in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, an evaluation that covers the following areas: quality, sales, engineering, technology and after-sales services. Being a … Continued

BV Santo Tirso – Antiviral Ambulance

The delivery of the new Type B ambulance (ABSC) of the Fire Service of Santo Tirso had the support of Auto Ribeiro’s technical team, thus ensuring that everyone present had access to a clarification session about the set of antiviral systems developed by Auto Ribeiro.   The set of Antiviral Systems for Ambulance is composed … Continued

Negative Pressure System

The NPS (Negative Pressure System), an integral part of Antiviral Systems for Vehicles, developed by Auto Ribeiro Lda to combat COVID19 and other airborne viruses with 0.2 microns (minimum efficiency 85%), allows contaminated air inside the vehicle to be filtered and extracted safely, significantly reducing the risk of viral spread. This is possible by forcing … Continued

Antiviral Disinfection for Vehicles

Antiviral Disinfection for Vehicles Main functions: – Highly effective disinfection: consumption 8.4L per hour, atomization of 100%. – Cooling the interior temperature: 100% evaporates, you can also reduce the temperature inside. – Dust suppression with high performance: during spraying, it can be produced a large number of negative oxygen ions that neutralize positive charges in … Continued

Antiviral Cover for Stretchers

Antiviral Cover for Stretchers Antiviral Cover for Stretchers is made to be placed on top of a stretcher in order to minimize the transfer of pathogens between patients, rescuers, equipment and the environment.   Open Dimensions: 1940 x 865 x 564 mm Closed dimensions (in bag): 980 x 600 x 120 mm Weight: 8.5kg Interior … Continued

Partnership Auto Ribeiro/Weinmann EMT

Weinmann EMT Auto Ribeiro, through ARSERVICE, is the exclusive distributor of Weinmann EMT in Portugal.     With these partnerships Auto Ribeiro  guarantees a more complete and better service, betting on innovation, development, safety and quality, always accompanied by a social and environmental sustainability policy and by principles of honesty and transparency towards its partners, customers … Continued

ARBox – Design e Desenvolvimento de Unidade de Emergência Médica Móvel

Supporting life together é talvez o slogan que ilustra melhor o mais inovador e ambicioso projeto português na área da emergência médica móvel.   Breve Descrição da Empresa/Entidade Promotora A Auto Ribeiro (AR) é uma empresa com 40 anos de atividade e referência a nível nacional na construção de veículos de emergência médica. Atualmente, a AR … Continued