Antiviral Disinfection for Vehicles

28 July 2020
sistema de desinfecção COVID 19

Antiviral Disinfection for Vehicles

Main functions:
– Highly effective disinfection: consumption 8.4L per hour, atomization of 100%.
– Cooling the interior temperature: 100% evaporates, you can also reduce the temperature inside.
– Dust suppression with high performance: during spraying, it can be produced a large number of negative oxygen ions that neutralize positive charges in order to absorb and collect dust particles after they fall.

sistema de desinfeção


– Disinfection in just 3 minutes.

Command Box


Main features:
– Controlled pressure regulation and coverage area.
– Air fed, two-stage atomization system.
– Dual control design, effectively prevents clogging of the nozzle.
– High quality spray particles avoid wetting surfaces.
– Control box included.
– 12V DC compressor and liquid pump included.



There are no products on the market that can claim the total elimination of COVID-19.
This is due to the fact that the virus is not yet available for testing, and it may take more than a year for a certification to be approved by a credible regulatory agency.
For this reason, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has enacted a “hierarchy” policy. This means that if a company’s product is effective against viruses that are more difficult to kill, it is likely to kill a virus like COVID-19, as is the case with the product used in our disinfection system.

sistema desinfeção covid corona
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