BV Santo Tirso – Antiviral Ambulance

30 July 2020
Ambulância tipo b anti viral auto ribeiro covid 19 santo tirso

The delivery of the new Type B ambulance (ABSC) of the Fire Service of Santo Tirso had the support of Auto Ribeiro’s technical team, thus ensuring that everyone present had access to a clarification session about the set of antiviral systems developed by Auto Ribeiro.


The set of Antiviral Systems for Ambulance is composed of a trio of mechanisms:
• NPS (Negative Pressure System)
• DAV (Antiviral disinfection for vehicles)
• CAM (Antiviral cover for stretchers)


proteger ambulânciamain

This unique set provides an antiviral defense cycle that prevents the spread of viruses, protecting healthcare professionals such as Ambulance Transport Technicians, Nurses, Firefighters and other rescuers.

Santo Tirso now has the first ambulance in Europe fully equipped with these systems.

? Santo Tirso TV report

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